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Khalia Alpine Meadow

Himalayan Nature Trails
Munsiari, Uttarakhand
Khalia Alpine Meadow

Khalia Bugyal is an alpine meadow located in Munsiari, Kumaon Uttarakhand. It is a days trek from Sarmoli Village. The two or three day trek entails starting from 7000 feet and walking through typical Himalayan temperate forests to emerge onto high open alpine meadows above 12000 feet.

Day 1 : The trek from Sarmoli village follows a mountain trail, that climbs up through an oak-chestnut - rhododendron forest then through maple to exit on to a sub-alpine meadow of Lal Singh Gair at about 10,000 feet (3050 meters), nestled with Rhododendron forests. This is the first nights halt where one camps at the foot of Khalia Danda, primarily to acclimatize to the higher altitude and to enjoy the spectacular views of the deep Gori Ganga valley. The camping site located on the edge of the rhododendron Krummholz is an ideal place for bird watching. Lal Singh Gair is frequented by some of the regions more spectacular pheasants like the Monal and the Satyr Tragopan.

The second day begins with a walk through birch and dwarf rhododendron Sub-alpine forest, and finally breaks out onto a breathtaking open alpine meadow. From here, the top of Khalia Danda is a about a kilometer away, at 12,300 ft ((3747 meters) above the sea level this is the highest point of the Khalia Trek. The view to the South of this first rise of the Greater Himalaya, looks down on range upon range of the Lesser Himalaya towards the plains. The view 180 degrees East-West and North, is the breathtaking arena of Nandadevi and some of the highest mountains in India, over 25,000 feet high. One may choose to just spend the day at Khalia danda and return to camp at Lal Singh gair or setup camp at the base of Khalia Danda at Khalia Tanti. From Tanti it is possible to wake up very early and reach the top of the mountain to view the fantastic sun rise (or sun set later in the evening).

Apart from the spectacular views from the Khalia meadow there is regular wildlife activity, wild mammals like the Goral, Musk Deer, Himalayan Fox, Himalayan Weasel, Himalayan Black Bear and the Leopard frequent the various trails and rhododendron scrub forests. Birds are in abundance and it is possible to come face to wing tip with the Lammergier and the Himalayan Griffon Vulture along with a range of about 100 or more big and small birds. The alpine meadow is rich in plant life and through most of the summer and monsoons an exciting variety of flowering plants can be seen.

Facilities Provided:

The Sarmoli Nature Tourism Enterprise would provide complete facilities to make your Khalia visit enjoyable. The support group would include experienced and trained Route Guides, Cooks and Porters. The support group are familiar with the terrain and the wildlife and would make your Khalia trek an happy and memorable experience.

Camping and Kitchen Equipment will be provided as part of the facilities. The programme would undertake all the necessary preparations leaving the guests free to enjoy their stay in Sarmoli and on the trek. A detailed checklist of facilities is attached. Facilities and Equipment
1 Experienced Route Guide, Cooks and Porters
2 Nature Guides – Birds, Plants, Mammals
3 Purchase, Packing and carriage of rations and other group Gear
4 Hot Meals (Vegetarian)
5 Tents (Will be Fully setup at Camp)
6 Solar Lighting
7 Rucksacks for carrying group gear and rations
8 Sleeping bags with warm liners
9 Carry mats (sleeping mats)
10 Kitchen tent
11 Kitchen cooking gear
12 Ten for support staff
13 Dinner ware for individuals

Optional (On request and additional Charge)

1 Load ferry porters In case of extra weight
2 Accompanying Porters In Case of Extra Assistance


The rates provided are inclusive of all the facilities being offered. Kindly inquire for the detailed rates, rate list, facilities and services that would be provided.

The programme is run by members of the Sarmoli Village Nature Tourism Enterprise, a self driven initiative to provide nature tourism and homestay facilities to the discerning guest. This programme also seeks to strengthen local livelihoods and local efforts at nature and wildlife conservation. A part of the income from the tourism programme is used to fund activities to protect & conserve the community's natural heritage.

Coordinator – Sarmoli Nature Tourism Enterprise
Village Sarmoli, Munsiari, District Pithoragarh
Uttarakhand – 262 554


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